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His Toys by Ruby Storm

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  • Sanford Willard is a crafter of toys. Not your standard run-of-the-mill playthings created for the general public, mind you, but items designed for the woman who basks in her sexuality on all levels. He has one more step to complete before taking the adult market by storm and that is to assure his prototypes are the perfect complement to a woman’s body.

    One weekend. One thousand dollars on the table for payment to co-worker Melodee Dayton. Forty-eight hours of extreme pleasure in exchange for her honest opinion.

    Two consenting adults. A fantasy come true. Get ready to roll the dice of fate.





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“How would you like to make a thousand dollars for a weekend’s work?”

“What?” she spouted. “Who wouldn’t? You’re kidding me, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m serious as can be.”

Her quick mind went into overdrive. How in hell did anyone make that kind of money in two day’s time? Unless… “You’re not into anything illegal, are you?” Looking at him, he hardly seemed the type that would even drop a gum wrapper on the floor. He was too put together, too faultless. Sanford was simply the type of man who had his eggs placed perfectly inside a basket, and he never seemed to make a mistake.

His head tipped back with a low chuckle. Again, the sound went straight to her toes by way of her stomach.

“No, it’s nothing illegal.” He steepled his fingers beneath his chin and eyed her closely, as if taking one more moment to make sure he wanted to continue the discussion. “Okay, here it is in a nutshell. You’ve heard me discuss numerous options for Random Toys to build their sales, but they won’t listen. The former board was always willing to take suggestions from the employees. This newer hierarchy is too busy riding on past laurels to see what’s going to happen here in the future. Because of their continued disinterest, I began to develop my own line of toys.”

Mel was confused. So where did she come in with the chance to make some quick money? “I’m not sure I’m following you yet.”

“I’m not targeting the twelve and under age group. I’m looking more at toys and games for the mature audience.”

“Sounds interesting. Are you talking about video games and such?”

“No. I’m talking about adult toys. Sexual aids, toys for the discerning woman.” 

Mel blinked and wondered if she’d heard him right. 

“I see you’re surprised.” 

“I’m not surprised. I’m stunned.” In truth, she was a bit uncomfortable as she rethought her fantasies. Never once had they included toys. Only Sanford had been there in the recesses of her mind—toyless but with a huge bulge at his crotch and magic fingers that could send shivers up her spine. She gave herself a mental shake. 

“I’ve watched trends in the adult toy market for a few years now,” Sanford continued. “In that time, I’ve also created some aids that I do plan to market.” He leaned forward and clasped his hands on the desk. “Do you know that I’ve been watching you, Mel? For quite a while now.” 

“Me? Really?”

“You’re a sexy woman, beautiful and smart. You’re very comfortable in your own skin and not in an egotistical way. It’s easy to see that you like who you are. Is that correct?”

Mel crossed one knee over the other, smiled and nodded her head. “I never thought about it that way, but that’s a good explanation. My parents always taught me to be independent and self-sufficient but to tone those attributes with a bit of humbleness.” 

He smiled, which deepened the slight dimples in his shaven cheeks. “They succeeded in their efforts. That’s what makes you stand out, Mel. So, I heard that you’re presently unattached.”

She flushed warm. Good god, he knew about her private life? “Yes, I am at the moment.” 

“That’s good. I’m not so sure how a guy would feel about his girlfriend or wife helping me test my prototypes to assure that my creations work the way they were intended to. Since most are made for the female body, I need to hire a woman and I think you’d be the perfect person.” 

To test his sex toys? Mel’s hand immediately came up. “Whoa there. I’m trying to process this. You would pay someone that amount of money for two days worth of…of services, if that’s what you want to call it?”

“Most definitely. Every toy must work perfectly in the manner intended. I plan to make a lot of money, so I’m willing to put out cash at the front end in order to accomplish that. What do you say?” 

Mel fidgeted on the chair. Her heart bounced about and her stomach quivered. “What…what exactly would this offer entail?” Good god. A test subject for Sanford and his toys? Would he be tossing himself into the play ring also? It was like a dream come true. 

“You’d have to come to my home and spend the weekend. I guarantee that by Sunday night I’ll put the cash in your hand. And hopefully, you’ll have thought it was easy money for the pleasure you’ll receive. The toys are perfectly safe.” 

She blinked. A weekend at his home? 

“All my toys were created to bring pleasure and orgasm to the user.” 

Her belly clenched, but she remained silent. She couldn’t believe he’d just said the word orgasm as if he were talking about his damn charts.

“You’ll try each one and I’ll note your response.” 

“And…and where are you going to be when this is going on? Will you be in the same room?” She waited on the precipice for his answer. 

“Of course.”

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5 HEARTS and NOR Reviews TOP PICK!

"Realistically drawn, smart, independent and honest characters who make it known that they aren't looking for a relationship makes Hot Toys slightly different than traditional romantic stories. But don't let that put you off. The relationship that does develop between the characters is rich, well-developed and satisfying and perfect for them - a satisfying sexual relationship & friendship in and out of the bedroom, with room to grow."

Danni, Night Owl Romance Reviews


"For many readers, Ruby Storm has become an icon of the romance genre and I know for me, she’s a ‘must read’ author. I have to admit I was a bit leery of venturing into reading an 'Exotika' story . . . after all I want my riding off into the sunset happily-ever-after, and this line isn't necessarily romance - but I have to say I adored this story. The characters are realistic and neither of them pretends to be looking for a real relationship. They admit that what they want is a mutually satisfying sexual relationship and friendship. There’s a simple honesty in their time together that really draws the reader into this storyline and keeps you reading to find out just how their relationship turns out. There’s something so refreshingly different about this story that I’m left in awe of Ms. Storm’s constantly evolving talent to write in whichever genre she chooses and always giving me a reason to smile."

Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


"His Toys was a delight from beginning to end. A truly unique story, we are able to watch as two people with repressed fantasies let it all burst forth during a steamy as all get out weekend. I couldn't put down this book and found myself, ahem, squirming in my seat almost embarrassed to be reading it while my children were in the room. Not only did I enjoy this book, but my husband did as well. I’ve got to make the man read stories like these more often. Oh, well, needless to say, the imagery and the characters themselves were fantastically wrought and Ruby Storm cranks up the heat in His Toys."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This is a fun and sexy short that made me wish for more.  It is a great read.  The responses of the characters are exceptional and the ending is great. The author has just the touch of suspense in storytelling that keeps us panting along with the breath taking moments of climax.   Public sex play as well as voyeur play, keep one guessing."

Aris, Alternative-Read Reviews

"His Toys is a very short, quick read.  However, it is also one of the most erotic stories that I have ever encountered.  Ruby Storm knows how to put a lot of sensual detail into very full words.  “His Toys” is definitely a keeper; however, it is not for those with heart conditions.  You are guaranteed to find your pulse racing and your blood pressure rising!"

Paige, Reader Views

“This book certainly reinforces the idea of sexual equality. Mel and Sandy are both confident people who know what they want and have no qualms about pursuing their goals. They both enter into their affair with no expectations for the future. Mel’s confidence both in and out of the bedroom is a big part of Sandy’s attraction to her, and Mel has always thought Sandy had very high potential in the hottie factor. This book is sinfully decadent, awakening all your senses, and it wraps up with a very satisfying conclusion that I certainly was not expecting. I definitely recommend this for a quick erotic read.”

Lisa, The Romance Studio Reviews


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