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Winter's Rose by Ruby Storm
A Naughty Winter's Night by Ruth D. Kerce
A Devil In Winter by Diana Hunter

"The WINTER STUDS trilogy is Ruth D. Kerce, Diana Hunter and Ruby Storm's second collaborative effort together. Their first book DIAMOND STUDS is available in both e-book and print format and well worth reading as well. We can only hope to see more of these intertwining stories from this awesome trio of authors in the near future." ~ Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


Ruby's Story - WINTER'S ROSE

Kody Winter has arrived in Texasand not for a simple visit. He's back for good and the reason is the sexy woman he's never forgotten. Though Rose Leighton is blindsided when he suddenly appears after six years she struggles to remain aloof at all costs. Rose has a secret and if Kody discovers it, life will never be the same.

But Rose never counted on her blistering physical reaction to his presence nor Kody's conviction that they are made for one another.





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His chin dropped to his chest. He would have counted to ten, but he didn't think he had the time. Taking a deep breath, he met her wary eyes. "Why are you being so stubborn?"

Her lips parted. Her mind raced with confusion. She couldn't tell him the reason, but she could be honest to a point. "I told you, Kody. Because...because I never want to hurt like that again."

In that instance, Kody spied the real Rose beneath the raucous, tough exterior she wore like armor. He had to make this work but at the moment, the only thing he could think about was kissing her.

And that was exactly what he did. Yanking her tighter again his chest, her surprised eyes were the last thing he saw before he pulled her lips to his. She struggled in his arms, but his mouth tore at her defenses with a slow, pleading demand to allow him back into her life. Over and over, sucking at her lips, forcing them open so he could explore the remembered warmth of her mouth.

The taste of his lips chipped away her defense, kiss by fervent kiss. Too long. Too many years without his arms. Too many lonely days without him. She was lost and at the moment didn't care. Every emotion she'd ever carried inside her heart rose to the surface as she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung tightly. It was Rose who returned the heated kiss with a passion that surprised them both. Clutching his broad shoulders, she pressed closer and gave herself fully to his firm, moist lips.

She felt his desire, hard and insistent against her hip when he backed her against the door. Dipping down, Kody placed one arm around her waist as he devoured her mouth and swung his hips forward.

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Winter’s Rose is classic Ruby Storm story, and thank goodness! This author so easily creates characters that grab your attention and describes emotions that will tug at your heartstrings.  Rose and Kody have a past that occurred when both were young.  They each made mistakes, whether in communication or because of reckless youth, that they’ve had to live with for six years.  Still, when they find each other again, it’s certainly sizzling.  I really loved the fact that these two have a chemistry that has survived years of separation and only seems to have gotten hotter.  Winter’s Rose has got it all and definitely deserves a Joyfully Recommended Read!

Georgia, Joyfully Reviewed


"Ruby Storm's WINTER'S ROSE is the last book in the WINTER STUDS trilogy. Kody and Rose are highly memorable characters full of passion which can be felt through the pages. It's thrilling to read about a love that withstands years of separation, misunderstandings, and the various changes each of the characters have endured. In classic Ms. Storm style readers will be treated to scenes that will have you laughing out loud one minute and sniffling the next and always leaves you feeling good about the time you spend reading one of her tales.


 Ruby Storm knows what a reader wants and how to get the readers attention. Winter Stud - Winter Rose is one hot read that will have the readers panting for more. Ms. Storm has weaved an explosive love story that will shock and surprise you. Winter Stud - Winter Rose is an awesome read that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. Rose and Kody are the perfect match to each other, and the readers will be pulling their hair out as the story jumps off the pages. Ms. Storm, I truly enjoyed this wonderful story and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next."

Sonya, Fallen Angel Reviews

"WINTER'S ROSE is about the youngest Winter brother, Kody, who's just as sexy and dominating as the other two. Kody has one thing on his mind...getting Rose back. When these two get together again, it's explosive. Their sexual escapades are spicy and beautiful. Readers will root for a happily-ever-after between Rose and Kody and hope for understanding on his part when he learns Rose's secret.

Author Ruby Storm wraps up the Winter Studs series perfectly. WINTER'S ROSE is skillfully written with in-depth characterization, red-hot sex scenes, but most of all it has the emotion and feeling that make it complete."

Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today Erotic


 " With emotion packed scenes and undeniable chemistry, Ruby Storm has penned a story that you won't want to miss. The love scenes alone are worth twice the cost of the bookMs. Storm knows what her readers want and how to deliver it! In addition to several very poignant moments that caused my eyes to tear and my heart to melt, Winter's Rose has earned a spot on my keeper shelf!"

Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

4 1/2 HEARTS!

 "Ms. Ruby Stone’s rendition of Winter’s Rose is, in my opinion, the best of the trilogy! I enjoyed the plot, the passion and the determination of each of them. Kody was so mad that he was uncertain how to handle this situation. Rose was furious but also terrified! The author played the storyline excellently. I believe that anyone who reads would like this story. It truly crosses genre lines."

Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio Reviews

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