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  • " intensely hot read that will have you turning pages as fast as you can read them."

  • A new people emerged from the dark clouds of nuclear dust that filled the earth's atmosphere. Sweet, sensuous Tennae belongs to the elite group of Sector Seven's beautiful young virgins who wait happily for their wedding day. But the guarded secrets of her betrothed and her many countrymen hangs ominously on the horizon.

    Handsome and willful Hector, from an outlying Sector, decides that Tennae will be his for all time. He storms into her life and steals her away to his homeland. Even though Tennae insists she is in love with her fiancÚ Karn, she quickly discovers she is powerless against the sensual inner wanton that Hector has awakened with his heated kisses and passionate overtures.

    When she is torn from Hector's arms, it is then Tennae discovers the true love she had fleetingly held in her hand.


A curdled scream echoed outside Tennae's bedroom suite. A moment later, the large oaken door splintered away from its hinges and banged against the interior wall. All the Virgin Watchers except Number One scurried to hide behind the flowing curtains in the room as the doorway filled with the faces and bodies of large, burly men. Number One fell to her knees to snatch back the chastity belt that had fallen from her hands in her surprise.

Tennae screamed and grabbed the towel that lay bunched on the ground. When she stood to cover herself, she met the glittering black eyes of a stranger that towered over her petite body. He was before her with two quick bounds and shoving Virgin Watcher One when the aged woman struck out in her panic as she tried to replace the belt.

"Remove this old crow from my sight! And take the others with you!" his voice boomed out across the room. A man as large in stature, rushed forward, looped an arm around the old woman and tossed her screaming into the hall with the rest of the women who were being removed.

The stranger momentarily eyed his men's progress before turning his gaze back to the naked woman who cowered before him. A large hand reached out to caress the blackness of her hair. The female cringed and backed herself into the corner. A smile creased his bearded face. "Ah, my lovely, I have waited for this day. For six nights you have haunted my dreams with your beauty. Let me introduce myself. I am Hector of Sector One, and I have come to retrieve my bride."

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"Interesting and fresh, not retold in different words like so many. Ruby Storm did an excellent job with this Quickie. Great erotic read!"

Ruby, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Fans of erotic, thought-provoking romance will enjoy Ruby Storm's latest offering. Although this novella is only 50 pages long, Ms. Storm packs the emotional punch of a much longer tale. Hector is a man who has loved and lost, and is ready to love again. Tennae is his unwilling (at first) pupil, who soon realizes she has no idea what love truly is. For a novella full of sultry passion with many underlying messages about love, hurry to Ellora's Cave and add VIRGIN QUEEN to your online shopping cart now."

Angela Camp, Romance Reviews Today

"A well-developed short story with a heavy sensuality and interesting characters. I'd like to read something else set in that world by Ruby Storm."

Tara Black, The Romance Studio

"The most unique and creative story I have read in a long time...written well with an amazing plot. If you're looking for a quick HOT read, you won't be disappointed".

Susan Holly, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Ms. Storm writes a wonderful futuristic romance that, even though it is a short story, is packed full of action. The sex scenes between Tennae and Hector are steamy. If you are looking for a good futuristic romance, I can recommend this one!"

Sharon, Sizzling Romance Reviews

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