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  • " intensely hot read that will have you turning pages as fast as you can read them."

  • Most women spend a lifetime in search of one extraordinary love. Most will never experience the magic touch of a man who sends a hotbed of molten lava racing through her veins. She will never know the beauty of embracing that one special person who knows her every thought, who has loved her enough to wait his entire life for her to appear.

    As a young Sioux brave seeking his vision, Moon Runner discovers that only one woman, his Ghost Woman, will bring his life full circle. He believes...and he awaits his destiny never envisioning that she will come to him from years in the future.

    After stumbling upon a photograph of a mighty Sioux warrior captured in 1884, Shannon Dunne is driven to discover why this shadowy figure calls out to her soul. She journeys to the Black Hills of South Dakota. There she discovers a love powerful enough to send her back in time and into Moon Runner's tender embrace.

    But Shannon has seen the past from the future in the form of a hangman's noose.

    They are lovers from two different worlds, unable to escape their past or their future. They must rely on that extraordinary love to be enough to keep them together always, to reshape destiny, to remain in one another's arms for all time.

    Only fate can decide.


A dark shape in the shadowy depths loomed above her. A hand reached in her direction. Shannon seized the offered lifeline and held on with a death grip as black spots appeared before her eyes. She was pulled to the broad chest of a very large man. He kicked upward, dragging her near lifeless body along. As her head broke the surface, the last rays of blessed late evening sunlight caressed her face with its warmth. The strong arm of the stranger curled protectively around her bare waist as he swam easily toward the shore. Shannon clung to his muscled forearm, coughing and gasping; she sputtered a heartfelt thank you time after time between grateful sobs. Her sopping hair stuck to her wet cheeks, blocking her sight, but she knew she was safe when her feet finally dragged across the weeds at the river's edge only seconds before she felt the firm earth beneath them.

Strong hands clasped her waist and lifted Shannon to the grass where she sprawled onto her stomach, still coughing up water from her lungs. Finally catching her breath, she breathed deeply of sweet, live-giving air and rolled to her side. Whisking heavy, wet tresses away from her face, she looked into the familiar eyes that were now real instead of a simple photograph and her world went black.

* * * * *

Shannon floated in a fog of semi-awareness. Warm rays of the evening sun heated her stomach. Soft blades of grass prodded her backside, but her lungs no longer ached. Her lips parted to draw in sweet air. The memory of murky, frightening water disappeared with each gasping breath she inhaled. Did I die?

When callused fingers stroked her breasts, however, she remembered a saving hand reaching out to her in the swirling water. Moon Runner! Her eyes snapped open and she looked straight into smiling, coal-black eyes.

It was him.

She waited for fear to envelop her, but none was forthcoming. Here she was, lying naked in the grass with the man's hands gliding across her chest and all she felt was comical relief that she had finally found him. It didn't matter that their meeting was an impossibility
too many years spanned their lifetimes. She couldn't think clearly as his full lips stretched into a smile that matched the gentleness in his eyes. She shivered at the touch of a real mannot dream fingersas they gently squeezed her breasts together once more.

His photo didn't do him justice. Even in his crouched position Shannon could tell he possessed a massive stature. Corded muscle rippled beneath the burnished skin of his upper arms. Each of his thighs was the thickness of a tree trunk. His Sioux ancestry etched into his handsome features.

Moon Runner's happy, sharpened gaze skittered over the length of her naked body when he realized she was fully awake.

"It is you." He spoke quietly with reverence as his large hands slid upward over her slim shoulders, and then back over her breasts. Moving lower, his fingers brushed across her ribcage causing the velvety skin to quiver beneath his soft touch.

" know me?"

His touch mesmerized her.

His dark eyes glowed when he met her questioning gaze. "I have waited many years of my life for you." He touched the curling strands of her wet hair. "You have finally come to me." Moon Runner straddled her thighs, letting his body drape across Shannon's as he rested his weight on bent elbows. Searching fingers continued to push aside the wet tresses that lay against her collarbone. The warmth of his broad chest pressed into her belly as his lips worshipped one taut nipple.

"How do you know me?" Shannon waited breathlessly for his answer, amazed that she wasn't frightened, astounded that she had never felt so safe in all her life.

Moon Runner gently slid up the length of Shannon's body until warm lips traced a path across her cheek. They stopped beside her ear. White teeth nibbled the lobe, igniting the flame that had lain smoldering for the past two months. Sweet-smelling breath warmed her neck. "I know you as part of myself. I dreamed of you when I went to the mountain. I ran to the moon to discover my fate when I was but a youth. And you were there."

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"Twilight Kisses weaves a rich and complex love story that is very satisfying on many levels. It is a keeper! It is about fate and the ultimate power of love..."

Patrice, The Romance Studio Reviews

"TWILIGHT KISSES is a scorching tale of two people destined to be together. Ms. Storm creates explicitly hot and abundant love scenes. TWILIGHT KISSES makes a wonderful bedtime story."

Julia Alameri, Romance Reviews Today

"Filled with heat with a multitude of love scenes, all well-written and heart-stopping in their intensity. Kudos to Ms. Storm for a highly emotional, entertaining story."

Jennifer Wardrip, Romance Junkies Reviews

4 1/2 STARS!

"This story pulled at my heartstrings and made me wish for my own little tryst with destiny, especially if that destiny were to include the love of such a magnificent warrior whose love was so soul-shatteringly deep that not even death and time could stop it."

Romanticafanatic, eCataRomance Reviews

"An intensely hot read that will have you turning pages as fast as you can read them. Filled with descriptive love scenes as well as a story that is classically romantic."

Brooke Wills, Romance Junkies Reviews

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