• Included in the print Precious Gems Series - Book 1 / Contemporary Ménage Novella

      "...seduction can happen when you least expect it..."

    Two couples plan a vacation to Jamaica. Destination? An "adult's only" resort called Sapphire's Oceanside Hedonism. No kids, no rules and clothes optional. Not that Melanie and Dan Ryan, and Corrie and Mike Jenson planned to play naked in the white sands. It's just that Sapphires' inclusive package has everything they're looking for. Hesitant at first, the women finally agreed that they could put up with nude bodies dotting the beach because the price for the trip was within their means. And any outlandish behavior would definitely be observed from afar. They simply wished for tropical sun, white sand and turquoise water.

    Or so they thought
    until Sapphires' seductive spell of fanciful desire for the extraordinary begins to trifle with the sensuous side of what reality is and what reality could be.

    Innocently, Melanie stumbles upon the Jensons in a heated sexual clinch, never realizing that her stunned voyeurism would lead them all to a surprisingly cherished memory.



Book Two and Book Three of PRECIOUS GEMS Series

(Anthology, PRECIOUS GEMS, in print soon at Ellora's Cave!)





"Would you like to talk about last night?"

Melanie's shoulders jerked. She finally looked up and tried to read Corrie's expression, but nothing in the way her friend calmly stared back or the stance of her body relaxing in the chair gave away her true emotions.

"Yeah, I would." Melanie played with the fringed sleeve of her terry robe before looking up once more. "I'm sorry, Corrie. I didn't mean to spy on you and Mike. I was coming over to get the lotion back that you had borrowed. I guess I was so stunned when I saw the two of you, that I just stood there." Her statement was a bit of a twist of truth but she didn't know how else to apologize. "Can you forgive me?"

Corrie smiled with a shake of her head. "Forgive you? Oh, no, Melanie. Have you been worrying about me being angry with you?"

"Yes. Most
most of the night."

Corrie's head fell back as she cackled out loud. "You are a hoot, Mel. Why on earth would I be pissed? I've been bouncing around in the nude, or almost nude, since my feet first touched the sand. Plus, you aren't the first to watch Mike and me going at it."

Melanie never moved a muscle. She just sat, totally confused until Corrie reached out a hand and squeezed her fingers.

"Melanie? Hello? Are you in there somewhere?"

Melanie shook her head. Her mouth curved upward with a cautious smile. "I'm here. I just can't understand why you're not pissed."

"Honey, I could never be angry with you. It would take a helluva lot more than catching me with Mike to piss me off." She scooted to the edge of her chair and tipped her head as her smiled wilted away. "You're my best friend, Melanie. My buddy...my ally against the world. You've stood by my side since grade school. I don't think there's another woman on this planet who can claim that little bit of fame. We're a perfect pair, you and me. You keep me grounded when I get a little nutsy and I help you shed that damn Midwestern consciousness that holds you back at times. So, do you feel better?"

"Oh, Corrie." Melanie leaned forward and hugged her. "I'm so glad we're okay."

Corrie returned her squeeze. "Of course we are." Sitting back, she watched Melanie blink at the tears in her eyes. "And because we're okay, there's something I want to talk to you about." Her blue gaze stared out across the ocean to where water met the turquoise sky. "This has been the best vacation I've ever been on." She rolled her eyes as her lips formed a pout. "Well, okay. I admit it's the only vacation we've ever taken that wasn't more than four hours from home, but I'm glad we came here together."

"I know. I feel the same. I just feel like we've become closer." Melanie's dark eyes flowed about the lush fauna placed in pots on the balcony. The sun warmed her shoulders as she glanced out at the sparkling blue water. "I wasn't so sure at first that I would enjoy a place like Sapphires." Her gaze moved back to her friend's. "But I'm so comfortable with you and Mike. What did you want to speak to me about?"

Corrie stared for a moment longer, ran her fingers through her short, spiked hair, then took a deep breath. "Last night when I looked up and saw you standing there, it did something to me. It's hard to explain, but I enjoyed the fact that you were watching us. Not like the strangers on the beach who I know are taking a quick gander at me or Mike when we're sunbathing in the nude. This was different."

A flash of Mike pounding into Corrie's body ran through Melanie's head. Should she be honest? Of course she should. "I understand the difference. I knew I should have simply turned around and left, but I heard you moaning and I couldn't help myself. I had to see what was going on. I remember thinking at the time how different your face looked. It was as if I experienced the same joy."

"How long were you standing there?"

Melanie flushed a bit. "Longer than you think. I saw you sitting on the bar and Mike...Mike with his head between your legs."

"Did it excite you sexually?"

Melanie tossed her head. "Honestly?"


"Of course it did. I raced back to my room so totally embarrassed, yet hot to have Dan make love to me."

"Did you get what you wanted?"

Melanie flashed a smile. "Oh, yeah. That and more."

"You know, I talked to Mike about it last night."

Melanie winced and cupped her heated cheeks. "Oh god, I was afraid of that. I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be," Corrie grinned. "He was wondering why I was so hot to fuck, so ready to keep going. I told him I'd seen you at the window watching us and the thought excited the hell out of me. He said he just wish he'd known because he would have given you a great show."

Melanie burst out laughing, finally feeling like she and Corrie were back to the way they'd always been with one another.

Corrie joined her. "I know, he's such a lovable idiot at times, isn't he?" She sobered a moment later. "Melanie? We also discussed the possibility of doing it again."

"What?" Mel asked with a snort. "Have a rollicking good time on the bar?" She sipped her coffee and waited for an answer.

"Well, yeah, but with both you and Dan watching us."

"What?" Melanie choked out.

"Hey, I was turned on like crazy. Apparently you were, too. So, we decided that we'd ask you and Dan to come to our room tonight and watch us have sex. Maybe even join in."

" Mel cleared her throat. "I don't know what to say."

"Just say you'll give it some thought. Talk to Dan
that is if Mike hasn't already. He told me that if the opportunity came up, he was going to. It's kinky and sexy and something we'd never ask if we weren't here at the place. It's like Sapphires is seducing us, daring us to live a fantasy for another day. We're leaving tomorrow. Tonight will be the only chance." She waited, shuttered hope resting in her blue eyes.

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"SAPPHIRE'S SEDUCTION provides a glimpse of the wild side at a nude resort. It's a sexy story about the true freedom that can be found when we step outside of society's norms. Melanie is the most reserved of the group and has the most difficult time letting go. Corrie is a free spirit who feels at home at the resort. The men are eager for their wives to display their honed bodies to the other patrons. Just knowing that they are wanted by the other men raises their burning desires.

In just under 70 pages, SAPPHIRE'S SEDUCTION is a heated page turner that's filled with sexy scenes everyone will enjoy. Be warned: like the Ryans and the Jensons, you may find yourself caught up in the Sapphire Resort's seductive appeal and experience the sudden desire to shed some clothingand inhibitionsof your own."

Ariel Summer, Romance Reviews Today Erotic

4 ˝ Hearts!

"A fantasy vacation mixed with a little alcohol is what this story is all about. Both couples have a great sex life, but are feeling the brunt of the busyness of work and life in general. A fantasy vacation is the answer they need to relax and recharge. Don't be judgmental when you read this. Know going into it that couple swapping is ahead. Prepare yourself to be entertained with hot sex and fun on the beach. A definite fantasy vacation in a quick read!"

Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

5 Angels
A fantastically erotic treat!

"Sapphire's Seduction was a titillating tale of friends that are comfortable enough to push boundaries together. The way that the story flowed was just flawless. You could understand why each step was taken when it was. The playfulness that Ms. Storm does so well is throughout Sapphire's Seduction and is perfect for the way these characters dealt with each other both as couples and as friends. Not only is the playfulness rampant, but the sensuality that twines through each of her books is an amazing addition to a story that could have been awkward and tawdry but was instead a fantastically erotic treat."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

As always, wonderfully done, Ms. Storm!

"Ruby Storm has never failed to delight me with each of the tales she writes. SAPPHIRE'S SEDUCTION is no exception! With sun, sand, naked bodies, no kids, and no rules an adults only resort sounds like the perfect opportunity to throw away all your inhibitions. Readers will love experiencing the island atmosphere through these fun characters and their gradual acceptance that for one week only it's perfectly acceptable to experience any of the desires that they may have avoided because of societies restrictions. I love the friendship between Dan, Melanie, Mike and Corrie. There's no doubt that their friendship takes on a whole new level of trust after this trip. As always, wonderfully done, Ms. Storm!"

Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews

4 Cups
Each page will blister your fingers...

"Steamy, blazing, ret-hot, and torrid are just a few words to describe this story. Each page will blister your fingers. The sexual odyssey these four take together will have you feverish with arousal. From the first page, Ms. Storm sets out to capture our attention and she refuses to let go until the very end. Even after the story is over you still cannot help but continue to think about the book. Just like the saying in Las Vegas, "What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica". May you enjoy this book as much as I did."

Candy Cay, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


"What a quick and fun read. Both sex and love were at the forefront of this book. All of the characters possessed an understanding and willingness to act out an orgasmic fantasy for the love of another. The character interactions and dialogs were amazing. I loved all three characters in this story. I couldn’t believe how sweet Mark was about Emmi’s fantasies regarding Jay and also that he was willing to allow this for the woman he loved. I felt really bad for Emmi while she was discussing this threesome with Mark. She was so scared and worried her marriage would end. The plot premise was explosive and left me contemplating an erotic “what if” of my own. This story had everything; hot sex, ménage, great characters, and great plot line. Definitely a must read. I will be very excited to read more from Ruby Storm in the future."

Amanda Haffery, Just Erotic Romance Reviews




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