Three-Book Print Anthology by Ruby Storm



** Sapphire's Seduction
** Perfecting Pearl
** Essence of Emerald

      Love has no boundaries, no set of perfect rules. Four friends discover a tropical vacation’s seduction. A lonely man begins a journey to perfect love, and the true essence of a fantasy is brought to life. Three separate bejeweled stories to warm your heart and heat your blood.



      Each of the stories within this anthology may be purchased separately in ebook format.





Sapphire’s Seduction

Two married couples plan a vacation to Jamaica. Destination? An adults only resort called Sapphire's Oceanside Hedonism. No kids, no rules, and clothes optional. Not that Melanie and Dan Ryan and Corrie and Mike Jenson plan to frolic naked in the white sand. It's just that Sapphire's inclusive package has everything they're looking for. Hesitant at first, the women finally agree that they can put up with nude bodies dotting the beach because the price for the trip is within their means. And any outlandish behavior will definitely be observed from afar. They simply want tropical sun, white sand and turquoise water.

Or so they think, until Sapphire's seductive spell of fanciful desire for the extraordinary begins to trifle with the sensuous side of what reality is and what reality can be.

Innocently, Melanie stumbles upon the Jensons in a heated sexual clinch, never realizing that her stunned voyeurism will lead them all into a sexual adventure the likes of which they had never even dreamed.

Note: This book contains sex scenes between consenting married couples.


Perfecting Pearl

Sean Pearl has tried everything to find that one special person to share his life. He's endured endless evenings in nightclubs and horrendous singles' events. But, despite his sexy good looks, he always returns home alone because he won't settle for less than what his heart seeks. Sean couldn't believe that all it took was a quick trip through the doors of a department store for him to discover the love he's been waiting for—someone who can match his sexual desires.

When Terry Winston slipped on the ice, he never dreamed that the man helping him to his feet personified the qualities he had searched for in a lover. Nothing about Sean suggested his sexual orientation. Yet it was like sniffing the air and catching a scent.

Together, they will discover that love has no boundaries, no set of perfect rules.

Note: This book contains sex scenes between consenting gay men.


Essence of Emerald

Emerald Tucci is engaged to one sexy man. Mark Vistar embodies every woman's dream—tall, muscular and handsome enough to send shivers down any woman's spine. But still, Emmi can't confirm a wedding date and the reason is Jay, Mark's best friend. She doesn't love Jay, yet the man's sensual magnetism has her enduring sleepless nights and rampant sexual emotions. And wondering what it would be like to have two men make love to her at the same time.

To squash her wandering thoughts of the forbidden fantasy, Emmi speaks honestly with Mark, though she fears her candor could mean the end of their engagement. She hopes that by coming clean, her strange desires will be put to rest. She never considered that Mark might love her enough to want to make her fantasy come true.

Note: This book contains ménage sex scenes between consenting adults.

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