• Included in the print Precious Gems Series - Book 3 / Contemporary Ménage Novella

        "...true love can be experienced in so many different ways..."

    Sean Pearl had gone out of his way to find that one special person to share his life with. He's endured endless evenings in nightclubs, horrendous singles' events and despite his sexy good looks, he always returns home alone because he won't settle for less than what his heart sought. Sean never imagined that it would take a quick trip through the doors of a department store for him to discover the love he'd been waiting for-someone who could match his sexual desires.

    When Terry Winston slipped on the ice, he never dreamed that the man helping him to his feet personified the qualities he had searched for in a lover. Nothing about Sean suggested his sexual orientation. Yet it was like sniffing the air and catching a scent.

    Together they discover that love has no boundaries, no set of perfect rules.



Book One and Book Two of PRECIOUS GEMS Series

(Anthology, PRECIOUS GEMS, in print soon at Ellora's Cave!)




Sean's heart pounded against his ribs. The deafening rush of blood through his veins, beat within his ears. They would make love. Though the two men had shared nothing more than heated kisses and wild caresses, he knew tonight would be the hottest sexual experience he'd ever known. His light blue gaze lifted to watch Terry insert a cassette into his player. A moment later, soft soothing music filtered out. As his gaze coasted over Terry's broad shoulders, it hit him that he was proud of who he was. He would never hide his sexuality behind meaningless detailed mistruths.

"Make love to me, Terry."

Terry's eyes glowed with tenderness when he turned. His lips curved softly as he crossed the room and reached out a hand. "Nothing would make me happier than to hold you in my arms. I can't believe we found one another."

Nodding, Sean breathed in deeply. He had no reservations. "I feel the same. It's just...right, isn't it?"

Terry reached out to cup Sean's cheek, watching as the other man's eyes fluttered shut with the gently caress. "It is." His hand drifted down the hard expanse of Sean's chest to rest his palm over a rapidly beating heart. "That connection is here inside you, crying to get out." He stepped closer and slipped his arms about Sean. "I want to take this slow. I want to enjoy. It's been a long time since someone has made me feel the way you do."

The erect line of Terry's penis against Sean's groin was intoxicating, beautifully sensual. His own cock swelled and crazily he wondered if Terry could feel it. His brain raced as an excited thrill rushed up his spine. His whole being centered on the moist lips that hovered near his mouth.

And then? Terry's lips pressed forward, a slow languished caress, part exploration, part seeking of acceptance. His mouth moved over Sean's, teasing and nipping as his hands slid down to rest over his buttocks.

His breath filled Sean's nostrils, evoking an excited gasp of air. His circling hips further built Sean's hot arousal as their tongues flicked against one another. Rigid cocks ached to be freed as hips surged forward in anticipation.

"Terry." Having the other man hold Sean in such an intimate embrace was like coming home, like discovering the one most important thing in his life that had been missing

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"Sean and Terry are two very strong, committed men, falling in love and building a beautiful, committed relationship. This relationship is tested in common ways and they come through with flying colors. Highly romantic with lots of hot scenes, Perfecting Pearl is one beautiful story for those of us who enjoy man love. Ruby Storm fully engages our emotions, as Sean is perfected in Perfecting Pearl."

Elise Lyn, eCataromance Reviews


"Ruby Storm has been a ‘must read’ author for me for quite some time. Her storylines are always heartfelt with characters readers can empathize with and come to view as long lost friends. With her latest release, PERFECTING PEARL, Ms. Storm takes on a new genre for her - gay romance and she does a beautiful job. PERFECTING PEARL does have a ménage scene but it isn’t a pivotal point to the storyline and doesn’t detract from the relationship between Sean and Terry. It actually adds to the feeling of love and acceptance between these two men."

Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


"Ms. Storm created a beautiful story about coming out, accepting ones self and finding a love that will weather any storm placed in its way. Sean and Terrence are two very loving men who are looking to find a love that will last a lifetime. The love that they share is beautiful to behold. The acceptance of their love by Sean’s sister Ellie is just the icing on the cake and opens their circle of love for Ellie too. When tragedy strikes, they will need all of the love they have to surmount the obstacles that life has thrown in their path. Add to this the hysterical antics of Tom to the mix and you have one very fun and heart-warming story about the lives of two very special men. Thanks goes to Ms. Storm for writing such an inspiring story."

Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Kisses!

"Perfecting Pearl is a beautiful love story by author Ruby Storm. Sean and Terry share a wonderful romance with explosive passion. Ms. Storm packs this short novel with some of the steamiest, most erotic man love ever! As passionate as Perfecting Pearl is, this is also a poignant tale. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried while reading. I wholeheartedly recommend Perfecting Pearl to all."

Tara Renee, Two-Lips Reviews

"Perfecting Pearl was a sweet and tender story of finding love and being able to keep it.  ... I never lost track of the characters or the plot.  The pace was compatible with  the length of this short story.  Ms. Storm made sure that, as a reader, I understood the direction the tale was headed.  Despite the pace, nothing was missed. Every love scene brought the characters closer together and caused me to wish for their happiness.  The storyline was simple and left plenty of time for the reader to become attached to the characters.  I was first introduced to Ruby Storm with Lucy’s Double Diamonds and I’m happy to report I’m pleased with Perfecting Pearl.  I look forward to reading more of her novels." 

Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews



"This reviewer couldn’t wait the arrival of PERFECTING PEARL and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Ms. Storm wrote one hot steamy gay erotic story, mixed with humor, love, and reality. Sean is a realistic man with real desires and needs. He knows deep down that he’s not going to find the man of his dreams in a club, but keeps getting lured into the scene by this best friend Tom. Tom is as flamboyant as they come and is a hoot.  

PERFECTING PEARL is a story about a relationship that lasts a lifetime and a definite must read."

Tina, Loves Romance Reviews

"Life throws some very unexpected twists at Sean and Terry, but they meet them head on and build a solid, happy relationship.  With “Perfecting Pearl,” Ruby Storm has written a wonderful short love story (it is only 70-pages long) about finding love in today’s society.  I found myself rooting for Sean and Terry as they find a life together." 

Cherie Fisher, Reader Views Reviews


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