Erotic Contemporary


    "...a chance at rediscovery..."

  • Payton and Andy Duncan's marriage has changed. Love still burns strong but family, work and dreams of the future invade their life that once was filled with a sizzling sexual attraction for each other.

    Andy is determined to rekindle Payton's passion by secretly booking them at a couple's spa aptly named Sex & Love. Fantasy rooms, bubbling hot tubs and sexual games are only the beginning of what is in store for his wife. The weekend of sensual, tortuous pleasure exceeds Andy's expectations. Payton rediscovers her husband's body, her own lustful yearnings and a burning desire to please her husband beyond belief.



Andy and Payton lounged in the Jacuzzi situated in a romantic corner. Hot bubbling water forced billows of steam up and around their naked bodies. Relaxed and completely satisfied, Payton lifted a slender eyebrow in the direction of her husband and a giggle burst from her throat.

"What?" Andy grinned back as he lounged against the opposite marble side.

"Look at us! What was I thinking the last couple of years?" She shook her wet head in wonder. "This is absolutely fantastic."

"You were overwhelmed. I'm never going to let it happen to you again." Effortlessly, he moved through the bubbling water to be closer to her. Andy grasped her hand and pressed a warm kiss against the center of her palm. "Agreeing to come here without too many questions shows how much you really still loved me." He slid his lips around one slim finger and sucked gently.

An immediate rush of excitement laced its way through Payton's belly. "You doing that to me is turning me on."

"Good... I'm just getting you ready."

Her eye's darkened with desire. "Ready for what?"

"You've suddenly turned into my little nympho, haven't you?"

"I want to feel the same way I did earlier. I can't wait to see what you've planned next. Tell me."

"Uh-uh, Payton."

She poked his powerful chest with a finger. "Come on. Give me a little hint."

He shook his head again and droplets of water sprayed lightly around him. "You can't get me to buckle under."

A sly smile flitted across her lips when he refused to answer even the tiniest of questions. She reached beneath the bubbles, found a firm hair thigh and then ran her hand along its length.

Andy's breath caught in his throat when she wiggled the fingers of her other hand before his face, and then dropped them beneath the water's surface.

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"Wow! Payton's Passion is in a word, stunning. Ms. Storm has written a highly sensual novel, balanced with intense emotion and eroticism. Every aspect is vivid and intense; the reader is drawn into Payton and Andy's lives..."

Sharyn McGinty, In The Library Reviews


"A delightful book revolving around a solid marriage that has its own share of ups and downs, this story will have everyone thinking about how to re-ignite the flames of their own marriage."

Jennifer Wardrip, Romantic Times Reviews

"This is *the* book for a woman who has lost sight of the passion that started her relationship. Storm's evocative storytelling touches the heart and sparks the mind."

Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance Reviews

"Payton and Andy are complex characters in every way, and Ms. Storm has written about them both superbly. PAYTON'S PASSION well earns its "E"-rotic rating."

Angela Camp, Romance Reviews Today

"Payton's Passion is an extraordinary look at the problems that plague today's working couples. Andy and Payton still love each other, but their jobs and children have started to interfere with their love life. These two are capable of burning the pages of the book when they finally make the commitment to make it work. Ms. Storm has shown us that we must keep the lines of communication and passion open through even the worst of times. This is a wonderful book that will have you searching for you toys, husband and a place just like Love and Sex, Inc. to explore all the fantasies and lust you have lost."

Oleta M. Blaylock, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"This is a great book on relationships and an erotic read with humor throw in. I will be looking forward to Ms. Storm's next book."

Patricia McGrew, Sensual Romance Reviews


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