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    "...with love? Age knows no boundaries..."

  • Divorcee Maisy Collins has just entered "empty-nest" syndrome. She's been left all alone to celebrate her forty-sixth birthday with a leaking faucet and a yellow Labrador. That is until Dean Martini from Fullservice Fixit walks through her front door.

    Thinking she will spend the rest of her life simply dreaming of his broad shoulders and sexy hazel eyes, imagine her surprise five days later when she discovers him standing on her front porch with flowers in hand, a most delectable and delightful surprise birthday gift from her coworkers. Yes, Maisy is going on a blind date with someone years younger than she.

    Despite her many doubts, Maisy discovers the true woman she was always meant to be, one who can match Mr. Fullservice's explosive ardor until they are both left panting and eagerly looking forward to the next time...and the next...and the next...




Her stomach had flip-flopped all afternoon. She'd run a hundred different scenarios through her mind. A handsome man. A not so handsome man. A date who drove her crazy. A date whom she drove crazy simply because she had no clue how to act. So many years had passed since she'd done something like this.

She retraced her steps with a groan, picked up her small purse, carefully sat in a chair so as not to wrinkle her dress and rummaged around inside her bag. Lipstick, comb, cheater glasses, a small bottle of hairspray and Beano. Thank goodness she'd remembered to pick up the last. She'd never bought it and couldn't imagine that she'd have to take five pills before she ate dinner but with the way her stomach was jumping around, there was no way she would allow an accidental fart to sneak free and embarrass the hell out of her. When Max barked, one almost did squeak out.

Maisy leapt to her feet and peeked around the edge of the curtain and saw the beam of headlights sweep across the yard. She almost pissed her new undies. The moment of reckoning was here.

Ducking, she crept away from the window, battling the urge to stay rooted to the spot and get an early glimpse of what her date looked like. She tucked her purse beneath her arm, stayed low and hurried across the room to stand by the door.

Her eyes fell to her fingers where they tightly clutched the purse. Christ. Now she looked eager as hell. She tossed the bag on the small foyer table, stepped away then darted forward to straighten it. Exhaling slowly, she smoothed the front of her dress and waited for the doorbell to ring.

"Well, this is dumb," she hissed aloud to no one. What? Was she going to fling open the door and look like she was desperate? She'd count. That's what she'd do. She'd count to ten after the bell rang.

Her shoulders jerked when it did.

One...two...three... "Quiet, Max! Sit!" she hissed. Four...five... "Ah, hell, "...six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" she whispered quickly.

Taking one last settling breath, she opened the door.


Whatever else she had planned to say disappeared right into thin air.

Dean Martini?

Her jaw sagged open.

"Hello, Ms. Maisy Collins. Remember me?"

Remember him? Hell, she'd almost gone and purchased a vibrator because of him. "Mr.
" she swallowed. "Mr. Martini?"

He dipped his head. Dimples creased his smoothly shaven cheeks. "One and the same."

She tipped her head and peered around one broad shoulder to see if anyone else stood between him and the waiting limo, her mouth still gaping open. "You
you're my escort for tonight?"

Again, he nodded.

She grasped for something to say. "Well that's
that's good. I'd hate to see you have to fix a faucet in such a nice suit." She could have kicked herself in the ass for making such an inane comment, yet her heart sang louder and louder and the blood pumped in her ears with excitement as she realized a fantasy coming true.

Maisy Collins of all people was going to get the dream date of her life. Of all the many men she'd pictured in her head throughout the week, Dean Martini was the one man her thoughts had always brought her back to. And good god in heaven he stood before her in the flesh. She glanced down when his hand came out from behind his back.

"These are for you. A birthday bouquet from the escort service. Would you like to put them in water before we go?"

She reached out with a shaking hand and took the sweet-smelling flowers. "I-I suppose I should. Oh, please, come in." Maisy stepped back, waited for him to step into the foyer, looked heavenward and mouthed a thank you behind his back then closed the door.

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5 ANGELS/RECOMMENDED READ From Fallen Angel Reviews!

 "From the fond-of-genitals dog, Max, to the Beano incidents, Mr. Fullservice was a laugh-out-loud book that also brought me to tears. A May-December relationship, Dean and Maisy were amazing to watch together. Maisy was a true representation of so many women who’ve had children. Self-conscious about the scars of motherhood she was gently coaxed by a man that was just plain awesome. The patience and sensitivity that Dean exhibited was so (gotta gush) COOL. I mean the things he did and said just made my heart melt, then there were the things he did, not going to go into my responses to those here. I have to say that this was a truly feel good book that brought me to tears in both empathy and laughter. Very, very well done Ms. Storm."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Ruby Storm has written a winner with her latest story, MR. FULLSERVICE. I found Maisy incredibly easy to associate with and could see myself in her position in just a few years. I absolutely adored her loving nature and how openly and honestly she accepts Dean into her life. The issue of their age difference takes a back seat in favor of their mutual attraction but comes back later on in the story in a huge way that both infuriated and saddened me. Maisy's given up so much for her kids and it's now her time to live her own life and find happiness - separate from her kids - but that isn't always easy to do in the face of her own child's disapproval. Maisy is a wonderful character full of a vibrancy that shines through the pages and Dean is exactly the sort of man every woman should have in her life. He recognizes her lack of self confidence and takes every opportunity to prove to her that she truly is a beautiful woman. Thank you Ms. Storm for writing such a beautiful inspiring story that I will definitely be rereading many times in the future."

Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


"I loved this book, and the way Ms. Storm drew the characters and their interaction. Maisy is still reeling from the effects of a divorce several years ago. It was great to watch Dean coax her out of her shell and make her realize that they loved one another. I had more than a twinge of jealousy when the delicious Dean was with Maisy, helping her to gain confidence and learn to live again.

I love Ruby Storm’s writing. Her characters are so vivid and fun that you can’t help but enjoy every word of her books. Mr. Fullservice is definitely a Joyfully Recommended Read for me."

Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed Reviews


"Maisy and Dean are a terrific couple for readers to enjoy and care for.  Younger than Maisy, but extremely sexy, Dean is a mature man comfortable with himself.  The sex is joyous and builds up well with plenty of well written foreplay and tension.  The things Dean does with Maisy should be a blueprint for a lot of men.  This couple is so interesting and exciting I would love to read a sequel that follows them into the next phase of their lives.  Mr. Fullservice is an easy book to love and recommend."

Anya Khan, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 1/2 STARS!

"Ms. Ruby Storm has written a wonderfully poignant story of unconventional love. The characters are strongly written; it was easy to become part of the story. This book is one any reader will be thrilled to have read. Kudos to Ms. Storm! She has penned a great manuscript!"

Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio Reviews

"This story was a beautiful story sharing a woman that has been divorced and is in her later forty's thinking that her life as a woman is drawing to an end. Ruby Storm has always been a strong story teller, and this story to me had it all, passion, love and most of all romance."

Nicole, My Book Cravings

"Ruby Storm has written a gem with Dean, the 31 year old man who wants Maisy no matter what. At times I thought he was too good to be true, but honestly I was so enthralled by this man and the wonderful way his relationship with Maisy was written. Maisy is also a wonderful woman regardless of the issues she has because of her nasty ex-husband and how her children will react when they find out that their mother is involved with a much younger man. MR. FULLSERVICE is a truly wonderful and above all scorching love story that won’t disappoint anyone. The bedroom scenes between Dean and Maisy are sexy but sweet at the same time. When I finished reading all I could think of how perfect these two were for each other and I wondered where I could find my own Dean Martini.."

Kate, Erotic Romance Reviews


"Mr. Fullservice is a great book and a great love story. Ruby Storm does a great job of exploring the emotions, insecurities, and concerns a woman has when dating a man so much younger than herself. The emotional connection that is formed between this couple can be felt as you read this book and will make you fall in love with the hero. Ruby Storm pens some of the hottest sexual chemistry I have read lately and makes sure to incorporate the emotional bond into it. Mr. Fullservice is a fast paced, emotional book that touches on some controversial subjects and will keep you entertained throughout the book."

Tara, Two Lips Reviews



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