• The KEEPER Series - Book 1

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    Winner of the 2006 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award!

      "This book is a heart-wrenching page turner that pulls at your emotions... Combining fast paced action with touching love scenes, this is suspenseful writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat."


    Minnesota lumber baron, Tyler Wilkins, knew he needed to come to grips with the death of his wife. Little did he understand that his business trip to New York would be the beginning of an unknowing journey to find peace within himself and a love that sometimes happens twice in a lifetime.

    Beautiful Emma Sanders has her entire world mapped out. Being the daughter of one of the richest shipbuilders in New York in 1880 guaranteed her a life of leisure. It also guaranteed the option she'd chosen
    to remain single and manage her father's company someday. That is, until Tyler walked into her father's study and turned her world upside down. Crossing paths with this one sad man with would change the course of her life forever.

    The mysticism of an old Indian brave...a forgotten evil that lurks in Emma's past...one tragic hour in their lives, will all combine to lead them to a future filled with trust and understanding, and the discovery of peace and love that a man and woman can share.

Awarded Two Recommended Reads by Fallen Angel Reviews!



Book Two and Book Three of THE KEEPER Series






"Tyler!" she exclaimed over the beat of her pounding heart. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Emma?" he slurred as he took a few unsteady steps toward her. He squinted into the shadowed far corner of the bedchamber where the huge canopied bed loomed in the semi-darkness. "I-I don't know. I must have entered the wrong room."

Son of a bitch, he chastised himself, then caught himself as he stumbled over a shoe.

"Well, that's easy enough to believe when you drank enough to drown a horse," she threw at him.

"Madam, I think you may be right." A crooked smile reached his eyes. He leaned forward, then swayed slightly with his effort to peer more closely at her. A vision in sheer chiffon with auburn tresses met his blurred gaze. He shook his head, but the apparition didn't go away.

Her green eyes sparked as she glared back at him, angry because he had the power to make her heart beat wildly. "I think you'd better leave."

He stood frozen to the spot. His appreciative gaze boldly scanned her sumptuous form. "Emma?" He wavered again. "Do you know what a fetching sight you are in that nightgown?"

"You'd better go before somebody hears you." Her voice came out in a raspy whisper.

He moved another step closer and gazed down into her wide, questioning, incredibly beautiful eyes. To hell with it, his mind screamed. To hell with everything. His features softened and he responded with an equally hoarse voice.

"Ask me to stay. Please, Emma. I want you in my arms. I want to kiss you and never let you go."

Emma scrambled backward across the bed, ignoring the unsettling thrill that raced down her spine. "You have to get out of here
now!" She said it, but it was the last thing she wanted.

He stood at the edge of the bed, his face a constant plane of changes as he stared down.

"I said get out of here, Tyler."

He closed his eyes, pursed his lips and stood quietly before her. When he looked at her again a moment later, he released a heartfelt sigh of defeat. "Such a beautiful face," he whispered. "Dear, sweet Emma. I'd love to stay, but know I must leave."

He turned on unsteady legs and crossed the room. Don't look back, just look forward.

Emma watched his retreating form as it neared the door. Her heart splintered into a thousand pieces. Isn't this what I wanted earlier? Didn't I want him to kiss me, to hold me? The thoughts raced through her mind. No! He wants more! He wants...

She clamped her eyes shut against the conflicting emotions that constricted her chest. It didn't matter! He wanted her, even if it was only for this one night. She couldn't let him leave without at least once feeling his arms around her and his kiss upon her lips.

"Tyler!" His name exploded in the quiet room before she had a chance to pull it back.

He swayed with his hand on the doorknob and didn't dare look back.

He would not, could not ask again, only to be turned away. His eyes closed, his head swirled in a fog
and he waited. An eternity passed before her voice whispered from directly behind him.

"Don't go. I want you to stay."

He kept his eyes closed for a moment longer, willing the effects of the alcohol to leave his brain.

"Please, turn around, Tyler. Stay with me. I need you."

He swung slowly to face her. His eyes locked with hers. His heart pounded madly. "Are you sure? Once I've got you in my arms, Emma, I won't let you go."

She stepped closer and stared up into his burning gaze. Slowly, her arms encircled his neck. She guided his mouth close to hers. Going on instinct alone now, she raised on tiptoe to fit her body intimately against his. Her answer whispered across his lips.


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5 ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ From Fallen Angel Reviews!

"Keeper of the Spirit is the beginning of an amazing saga. The emotional depth that Ms. Storm was able to portray in this book is simply awesome. This was one of the best books that I have read. Ms. Storm made me laugh, cry, and hate in this book. I look forward to reading the rest of this series and I know that I will revisit these families again and again."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ From Fallen Angel Reviews!

"It has been quite some time since a story left me in awe. I was left unable to pinpoint one moment of this story that made it great: the entire story moved me in a way no other book has in quite some time. I was speechless and overwhelmed. This is a beautifully written, gripping story that draws readers in as if they were experiencing the story as their own. I assure you that the emotions that Ruby Storm has incorporated into Keeper of the Spirit will lead readers along a roller coaster of sensations leaving a breathtaking experience upon completion. Moments will make you cry, smile, laugh, and break your heart. Keeper of the Spirit is a tremendous story and Ruby Storm should be applauded for her outstanding job. I can only imagine the next two installments in this trilogy will be nothing short of amazing like this story. 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!"

Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Keeper of the Spirit is a breathtaking romance that pulls at the heartstrings and sends the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. Ms. Storm brought the characters and the Minnesota wilderness to life in the superbly-written story full of passion, heartache, and love. Emma and Tyler’s emotions became real to me. I could feel their joy, sadness, and anger as they tried to overcome unforeseen obstacles and unexpected tribulations. Their story touched me in ways very few have.  It will stay with me for a long time. I highly recommend this compelling story, and look forward to reading more from Ms. Storm. It has definitely earned a place on my keeper shelf!" 

Jennifer, Love Western Romances Reviews

5 CUPS from CoffeeTime!!

"From the very first page, Ms. Storm captured my interest. This book is a heart-wrenching page turner that pulls at your emotions. You can easily visualize nineteenth century New York with the contrast between poverty and wealth before the author whisks you to Minnesota's virgin wilderness. Combining fast paced action with touching love scenes, this is suspenseful writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The secondary characters resonated in this book as well, and I was very happy to see that this is first book in her new Keeper Series."

Jenn, Reviewer For Karen Talk About New Books
Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance

"KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT is an entertaining romance with engaging characters. All of the secondary characters enhance the story. Samuel is a true villain, and Emma's father is a wonderful, gentle man. A wounded little girl, Janie clings to her father after the death of her mother, and Tyler's family all love and care for each other. All of these characters make up the story of KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT and breathe life into the tale. It is well written with good dialogue. A touching story and an engaging romance, KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT is an excellent choice for your winter reading enjoyment."

Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today

"This book has all the ingredients for a non-stop page-turning read: passion, romance and action. The author has written a wonderful book which shows the triumph of the human spirit."

Susan, Loves Romances Reviews


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