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      "There have been a few really good family sagas...Thorn Birds is one that comes to mind...this one really tops it by the sheer emotion that has been written into it. Thank you for writing this." Serena


    The Wilkins saga continues. The last decade of the nineteenth century found the United States government in the final stages of decimating one of the most historical Native American cultures of all time-the great Sioux nation. America was at war with the Plains Indians.

    Cole Wilkins leaves the family ranch in northern Minnesota and meets a young Indian woman
    one who tries to steal from him, who tests his patience to the extreme. A woman who is the mysterious figure that haunts his darkest dreams. Cole finds himself not only in the midst of a nationwide battle to assimilate her people, but also discovers love as he begins to understand his fateful dream.

    August Moon leads a small group of fugitive Sioux, the last holdouts of a dying nation. She fights her growing love for Cole, but not because of ancestry. Instead, a fated vision from her childhood, her loyalty to the Sioux way and the misunderstandings of two diverse cultures prevent her from seeking a life with the man who has touched her very soul. But destiny cannot be altered. No one person from her past, nor anyone she would ever meet, would have such a profound impact on her life.

Awarded Two Recommended Reads by Fallen Angel Reviews!



Book One and Book Three of THE KEEPER Series






Cole's gaze swept the clearing one more time to assure that the Indian was alone, then crept softly to within mere steps of the thief. He secured a firm grip on the rifle, tightened his finger on the trigger and aimed the barrel at the Indian's back.

"My horse have a problem?"

The thief's compact body jerked with alarm. He swiveled his head slightly to look through a curtain of long hair, but did not turn or stand. He pulled a trembling hand from the colt and lowered it to his side.

"Stand up nice and slow and don't make any quick moves," Cole ground out the order as he continued to stare down the sights at the Indian's back.

The Indian murmured, but didn't move. Cole inched closer and jabbed the buckskin-clad back with the barrel of his gun. "I said straighten up and don't act like you don't understand. I know better. Now, move it." He gave another nudge with the end of the rifle and pulled back the trigger. The telltale snap of metal against metal did the trick. The Indian rose slowly until he stood straight with his back presented to his captor.

"Christ," Cole exclaimed aloud, "you're just a boy." He shook his head in amazement and muttered under his breath. "My horses were filched by a goddamn kid."

The thief was decidedly scrawny and came only to the bottom of Cole's chin. Relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with confronting an adult Indian brave, Cole reseated the trigger and lowered the gun. His mistake.

The boy's elbow jettisoned backward and rammed into Cole's abdomen before he could even defend himself. Cole staggered back and the rifle hit the ground with a soft thump.

The boy was off and running. Cole muttered a curse, ignored the burning pain in his gut and tore off after him. Fortunately, the young Indian brave stumbled over a protruding root a moment later. He pitched forward into the dirt and, as he attempted to scramble to his feet, Cole launched himself through the air and caught the thief around the middle with both arms. They both hit the ground with Cole ducking to miss a flailing elbow aimed at his face.

"You little son of a bitch." Cole's anger roared through his veins as he flipped the boy onto his back, straddled his narrow hips and pinned his arms. Still, the wiry youngster's struggle continued.

"Knock it off, you little savage! I'm not going to hurt you
" His words ended in a pain-filled wheeze when the struggling Indian viciously brought a knee up. Cole grunted and slammed his eyes shut at the pain, but still refused to relinquish his hold.

Tightening his hold, he waited for the ache between his legs to disappear, then finally opened his eyes again. His teary gaze lowered to the heaving chest of the person beneath him-a heaving chest that was decidedly female.

"What the hell

The two panting combatants locked stares. Cole's face mirrored his shock. The last thing he'd expected was to find a woman beneath him.

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5 ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ From Fallen Angel Reviews!

"I don't know if I can actually find the words, but I'll try. This was an amazing story. Ruby Storm made my heart ache for a proud race that never deserved what they got. I knew intellectually what had happened during the Indian wars and the colonization of the West, but this book made it come alive and made me ashamed for the atrocities that those soldiers committed. Not only did Ms. Storm make me think, but she created a poignant love story that plucked at my heartstrings. I don't think I've EVER cried out loud when reading a book, but the Epilogue made my husband come running out to see what had happened.

She has really done an amazing thing with the two books that I have read and I truly hope that they will come out in print soon because I know that I would love to send them to a number of people. I can't wait to read Keeper of the Heart. This saga is amazing! There have been a few really good family sagas...Thorn Birds is one that comes to mind...this one really tops it by the sheer emotion that has been written into it. Thank you for writing this."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ From Fallen Angel Reviews!

"The only story that I can remember reading that has come close to leaving me as overwhelmed was Keeper of the Spirit; story one of the Keeper trilogy. This is a beautifully written, gripping story that draws readers in as if they were experiencing the story as their own. This reader fell in love with the character of Cole in the first story and the intense plot and struggles endured throughout this story moved me in a way that will keep Cole forever be in my heart. I assure you that the emotions incorporated into Keeper of the Dream will have readers crying at one moment, smiling at the next, wishing they could climb within the pages and strangle someone shortly after, and then back to crying again. The journeys these two characters take create a tremendous story that has redefined the requirements of greatness. Ruby Storm should be applauded for her outstanding job. If I could only say one thing about this series and this story in particular, it would be, run to buy your copy, give one to everyone you hold dear and the ones you don't, and never ever get rid of it. This reader is already standing in line to get the third installment in this series and hoping that there are many more after that one. 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!"

Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Ruby Storm brings history to life for her readers through KEEPER OF THE DREAM. I've always been fascinated by the Indian culture and beliefs but admittedly have never thought much beyond that. Ms. Storm goes beyond the history and allows us to see the men and women beyond the textbook as well as the events that destroyed the Indian way of life. August Moon is a wondrous character. She's strong in her belief to follow through with her vision regardless of what it costs her. She suffers loss after loss and still does whatever she can for her people. Cole's love and devotion to August extends to those she cares about. He's willing to give up everything he has to be with her. I love that Belle, from KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT, plays a big part in this story. I adored her and wanted to see her happy, I'm thrilled with the way her life turned out. KEEPER OF THE DREAM is a story full of emotion and unforgettable characters that you'll want to hug and cry with. This is definitely a book I'll be adding to my keeper shelf."

Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


"Keeper of the Dream is a wonderful addition to the Keeper series. Full of history and romance, this story touched my heart and will stay in my mind for a long time.

Ms. Storm’s wonderful characters only add to the story, making it even more touching. August Moon’s determination, loyalty to her people, and perseverance to survive despite the odds against her, serve as an inspiration to all who read her story. The honorable Cole is a wonderful match for this young woman and their relationship will touch your heart.  …the bond between Cole and August Moon is strong and enduring, and they are determined to make it despite all the heartache life throws their way. They were meant for each other and their story will make you believe in love and give you hope.

This book has more than earned its place of honor on my keeper shelf right alongside the other books in the series!" 

Jennifer, Love Western Romances Book Reviews


"Keeper of the Dream, part of the Keeper Series by Ruby Storm, brought tears to my eyes. As a descendent of a cousin of Sitting Bull, this story reached deeply into my heart, not only for the history of the last days of the Sioux Nation, but also for the deep love you could feel between two people of such diverse nationalities. Ruby Storm is a very good writer, showing with words not only that time in history, but the more personal tale of the two lovers and the other wonderful characters in this story.

If you love history, love reading about the Old West, about Native Americans, and most of all, a love story, then this is the book for you. I can promise that after reading this you will find your heart strings tugged, and not just for the lovers either."

Pamela K. Kinney, Romance Divas Reviews

"I loved this story. The history and feeling that the reader was actually there and saw the senseless killing and feel the pain of the Indians makes this a stirring novel. The mark of a great writer is one that can take the reader into that time and era and feel for the characters and Ms. Storm has done that and more. She has made August Moon come to life in her pages and given the reader a look back in time to a proud group of people who were a part of this great country's history. Thank you Ms. Storm."

Louise Riveiro - Mitchell, The Road to Romance Reviews

"I rarely ever write an author and tell them how much I liked the book, but this time I had to. I wanted to let you know that I think your book "Keeper of the Dream" is one of the best books that I have read set in South Dakota during the 1890's. Being raised in South Dakota, we had to read many books set in the upper Great Plains area. Your book has made it to the top of any list of books of stories set in South Dakota. Your vividness in the setting of the story made me feel as if I was the one riding the horse across the prairie during a blizzard. I loved this story and I hope you plan on writing more!"

Comment from ARC reader: Diane
"KEEPER OF THE DREAM continues the story about the Wilkins brothers. The book moves at a brisk pace and is well-researched, with an excellent story set against the heartbreaking backdrop of the slaughter and rounding up of the Lakota.

Readers will revisit characters from KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT, the first story in the Wilkins saga. Although it is recommended that you read KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT first, KEEPER OF THE DREAM can stand alone. The third book by this talented author will be KEEPER OF THE HEART, when confirmed bachelor Trevor finds his romance. Highly recommended, readers of historical Western romances will thoroughly enjoy this series."
Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today



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