Book One in Ruby's Dragcon Erotic Futuristic Series

      " does not follow a set course of rules..."

  • Planet Cordania was in dire straights. Seven long years of drought threatened Queen Jana's people. Because of it, she would do the unthinkable. She would sign a contract with Mordovea's King Renae. Twenty-four hours in the arms of a Dragcon ruler, a distasteful task, but a small price to pay for her peoples' survival when no other would come to her aid.

    King Renae had finally discovered a way to be in the arms of a woman he'd loved from afar. Being half-man, half-dragon, it mattered not that she had scorned his kind forever. One night would be enough for him.

    That was until they both realized love does not follow a set course of rules.




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Jana closed her eyes and slowly inhaled a clear, strong breath to help settle her rattled emotions. What would he look like naked? Would his body be scaled as a dragon's? Would he shoot angry fire from his mouth and singe her skin? She'd heard horror stories about the lusting sex of a Dragcon. What would she endure in his company?

Just one day. That was the agreement. King Renae had demanded that Jana spend twenty-four hours with him submitting to his every whim
sexual and otherwise. And when the contract was completed, he would gift her planet with every article on her Parliament's request list. Her people would survive. Only Renae had offered to save them when no one else would, thus forcing her to surrender to his terms.

Staring at him once more, it took all her might not to shrink from his lusty shuttered gaze that raked over the exposed skin of her upper arms, and then rested on the rise of her breasts above the neckline of her silken gown. One, long masculine finger grazed her alabaster skin as it brushed the length his gaze had just flowed across.

"I must say how pleased I am that you have agreed to my proposition."

She could not halt the rush of panic shooting through her even though her nipples pebbled hard. She grasped the arm of the chair tighter as a soft rush of air left her lungs. Her knees trembled slightly. She brushed the fingers of her opposite hand through her short, dark tresses. Jana had experienced sex many times. She owned a stable of male concubines. It was her right as queen. But hard as she tried, she could not think of the coming hours as anything other than a form of slavery, because it was by Renae's whim that she would give of her body in trade for goods.

Their eyes met and locked.

"I had no choice but to abide by your request and you know that, King Renae. A contract is a contract. And I will always put my peoples' needs before my own."

"How thoughtful of you."

Anger rose in her heart. "Don't play the game with me. If you want me, then take me. Finish with your grunting, and I'll be on my way."

"Change your attitude."

"What?" she exclaimed.

"I said change your attitude. Better yet. I'll change it. I shall enjoy the game immensely." He turned to a table, poured two glasses of wine from a decanter, then eyed her from where he stood. "Stand up."

"Don't you dare order me around as you would a peasant. I am a queen."

"You may be a queen, Jana, but for the next twenty-four hours you have given up that title by signing the contract between us. You will only be a woman, one who will fulfill her bargain or an entire planet of people will perish." Retracing his steps, he handed her a goblet. "Now stand, enjoy a sip of wine with me and then we'll proceed."

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"Once again Ruby Storm delivers a thrilling story that I couldn't put down. DRAGCON'S SNARE is full of unexpected twists and turns and two stubborn characters that are sure to keep readers enthralled in this gem of a short story. I was glued to the pages and couldn't wait to find out what dragon-like traits Renae might have. I do believe my imagination ran just as wild as Jana's did and I couldn't wait for any and all secrets to be revealed. I don't want to reveal too much and ruin the surprises for readers but I can tell you that I raced over to Ruby's website to see if there was any mention of more Dracgon books in the future and pouted when I didn't see anything. There are several other delectable looking upcoming books that I've added to my 'to be read' pile. Awesome story Ruby! I sincerely hope you decide to write more Dragcon books in the future."

Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

"Why I am shocked by how much story Ruby Storm packed into forty-six pages, I don't know. She continues to amaze me with her rich characters, fast-moving plots, and believable emotions. Dragcon's Snare is a small glimpse into the lives and worlds of both Queen Jana and King Renae, but it is a fantastic one. Jana is a woman facing her fears for the good of her people, and Renae is more than willing to do whatever is needed to garner her attention as a man, not a Dragcon. I am waiting impatiently to see what Ms. Storm has in store for us next."

Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Dragcon's Snare is a treat for readers who enjoy hot romance with just a little bit of the unusual. This short tale is beautifully told. Readers are brought in to Jana and Renae's lives at a pivotal moment. Readers can sense Jana's trepidation and Renae is an erotic unknown, however, he soon shows that he is truly a hero. Here is a man who offers everything to a woman although she does not initially view him as an equal. Their sensual bond delivers some wonderfully explicit scenes while their hesitant emotions promise much more than just one night of pleasure. This is one of my first encounters with Ms. Storm's writing and I was duly impressed; start to finish she delivers a complete, romantic tale."

Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 1/2 FLAMES! Rated Hot!
"This story carries quite a few intriguing surprises in its short length. In addition to the sizzling heat, it raises certain social-political issues in a subtle fashion. I quite recommend this story, as a read and re-read. I shall anticipate more writings from Ruby Storm and I recommend this author to readers also."

Annie, Euroreviews

4 STARS! Rated Sizzling!
"In this futuristic setting, Ms. Storm unfurls a sweetly romantic love that has you just wanting to hug someone. The love scenes are decadent and kinky, yet still sweet and gentle; contradicting ends of the spectrum but surprisingly easy for Ms. Storm to pull out of your emotions simultaneously. This one is well worth the money, ladies, and definitely worthy of a spot on your bookshelf."

Keely Skillman, Sensual Ecataromance Reviews

"Dragcon's Snare is a powerful Quickie from Ellora's Cave. Ruby Storm has packed a lot of plot, character development and emotion into 46 short pages. Renae is a veritable buffet of sensuality and sexy alpha male and Jana, once she concedes to her desire for Renae, a good match. Renae's vulnerability, and displays of tenderness, would thaw the coldest heart and make them yearn for the heat of his touch. I really enjoyed Dragcon's Snare and look forward to reading more work from Ruby Storm."

Kerin Hanson, Two Lips Reviews

4 STARS! Rated Hot!
"Ruby Storm has created a wild, exciting, romantic tale with an erotic sex scene that will leave you breathless. The actions of the two main characters were compelling and enjoyable, providing me with vivid pictures of the scenes. The characters support a well-conceived romantic plot, with realistic internal conflicts to overcome. I felt the characters come to life as the story unfolded. The story is short, but well paced. It kept my interest from start to finish. This is a well-written arousing story that will have you loving the characters and the results of their twenty-four hours together. I recommend Dragon's Snare to readers that like a hot, erotic, romantic love story with a well conceived plot."

Wendy Cable, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 STARS! Rated Hot!
"I admit that reading about a race of half man, half dragon interested me. It seems that King Renae was quite the man, rock hard body, sexy eyes that betrayed his emotions, and an enormous bulge that Jana just couldn't get past. Apparently being half dragon meant that they were very, very, well endowed. Being in service to any man would be hard, but I can imagine that it was even more difficult for her because so much was riding on this contract. I fell in love with Renae. For a big man he was quite sensuous and thoughtful to Jana, who at times was a real bitch. However, he slowly chipped away at her attitude and turned things around. Once she saw his real personality, the sex was on and he was more than capable of pleasuring her (and me) in all ways. He always made sure that she was ready for him. Twenty-four hours ended up being not enough, but Jana had a planet to run. However, fate brought them together again. Reading Dragcon's Snare made for a pleasant experience."

Stacey Landers, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Enjoy this quick glimpse into another time and place!

Ruby Storm has done it againcreated a hot, 'don't want to put it down' read with Dragcon's Snare. Although there was not a lot of opportunity for character development, you'll still enjoy discovering just how the relationship between these two will play out. Only when Renae shows Jana his gentle, caring side, does she allow herself the chance to experience sex and love with the Dragcon. Their sexual escapades are erotically and emotionally charged, definitely the stuff of fantasies, but both are stubborn and only when Jana and Cordania are in danger do they finally confront the feelings they have for each other."

Georgia, Joyfully Reviewed


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