Fantasy Valentine's Day Anthology featuring...

Diamond In The Rough by Ruby Storm
Diamond Assets by Ruth D. Kerce
Diamond in the Snow by Diana Hunter

      "Diamond in the Rough is a very original story with deeply developed characters... it is by far the funniest story I've ever read, and on the other end of the spectrum it is the most heart wrenching..." ~ Christine


      With a stroke of Cupid's red pen, Claire Holliday and Brian Valentine's lives are changed forever. Two lonely people, each coping with emotional wounds, each believing wholeheartedly that exceptional love and fiery passion will forever be beyond their reach.

      Little do they know that love cannot be suppressed. The heated touch of shared acceptance can capture the wounded heart and magically heal it. Who's to know what force really brings lonely souls together. It could be simple fate, or maybe Cupid actually exists, and continually stands guard over our hearts.


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Rosebud's little body trembled as she waited for Claire to enter the attached greenhouse. Larry glanced down at her, refusing to let on that his blood probably pumped as fast as hers. "You're vibrating like a bad tire."

"I'm so excited," she gasped loudly, and then did a back flip. "Oh, my God. There she is. There she is! Get the arrows ready. I'll tell you when to shoot. Hey!" She spun around. "There's no one else back here. Just shoot Brian now and get ready again for Claire."

"I don't know. I think we should wait."

Rosebud's delicate brows slanted down over her eyes. Her lips formed a straight line as she glared at him, totally out of character. "I said shoot the freaking arrow. Now! If you can't follow a simple order, then give it to me. I'll shoot the damned thing myself. We're not going to miss our chance."

Larry stared at the heightened color of her cheeks and noticed how dark and glittering her brown eyes had become. His pixie penis poked against his green tights. Never had he seen his Rosey in such a state. If she wanted him to shoot the freakin' arrow, well then, he'd shoot the fucking arrow
anything to keep the sexy look blazing in Rosebud's eyes. He turned, aligned it against the bowstring and took aim at Brian's heart.



Brian scratched his chest.

"You hit him!" Rosebud darted closer, grabbed Larry by the shoulders, yanked him forward, and planted a wet, sucking kiss on his surprised lips. "Okay, get the other arrow ready."

He was absolutely stunned. Rosey had never kissed him. Well, she'd kissed him, but never on the mouth. Larry kept his eyes on her when she flipped around and hovered in the air as Claire approached. His gaze followed the tiny outline of her small jutting breasts and perfectly rounded ass encased in the pink tights. Her tutu framed the small firm globes. Taking in her long slender legs, the only thing he could think about was having them wrapped around his waist.

"Larry! Shoot!"

He shook his head to clear it, waiting for Claire to get closer, knowing he couldn't make a mistake-their Gold Wings depended on it. He'd think about his hot new emotions later on. Larry pulled back the string, took aim, and let go of the arrow just as Rosey darted across the aisle. The arrow hit her square in the chest. Her little body rolled wildly past a row of hanging plants. Her arms and legs twisted and turned as she struggled to catch her balance, and then her body went limp.

Larry dropped the bow, mortified by what had happened. His little wings flapped as fast as a hummingbird's when he took off after her. "Rosey! Rosey!" Her silence panicked him further, but finally her spinning slowed enough to give him a slight advantage. Larry stretched out his hand, missed her foot once, and then flapped his wings harder. He caught hold of her hand on the next try. Yanking her to his chest, he cupped her small heart-shaped face with a shaking hand, and flew up to sit on an overhead beam. "Rosey! Oh my heavens!" He gently patted her cheek. "Please wake up. Are you okay? You gotta be okay. I'll never forgive myself if something happens to you. Rosey, come on, wake up!"

Her long lashes fluttered against her cheek as she struggled to open her eyes and focus on her surroundings. She stared up at him. Then she grabbed him by the front of his shirt, yanked his mouth to hers, opened her lips, and sucked his tongue into her mouth.

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"Diamond in the Rough is a very original story with deeply developed characters, and penned by the phenomenal author Ruby Storm, and it is by far the funniest story I've ever read, and on the other end of the spectrum it is the most heart wrenching..."

Christine, eCataRomance Reviews

"Diamond Studs is an anthology that contains three stories tied together by the heroes all being friends and having the same tattoo on their posterior. All three authors are extremely talented and I will be avidly watching for more of their work in the future. Diamond Studs is most definitely a keeper!"
Susan White, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

"Diamond Studs is a wonderful offering from three extremely talented women, Ruth D. Kerce, Diana Hunter, and Ruby Storm. The idea of the diamond tattoo was quite clever, and all three authors wove it skillfully into their stories. Although all of the tales are top-notch, Diamond in the Rough will stand out because of the lovable and funny fairies who fly throughout the story..."
Natasha, A Romance Review

"Three entertaining short stories from three authors who can mix sweet tales with erotic romance bring you DIAMOND STUDS. For a Valentine's Day treat, pick this one up today."
Holly Tibbs, Romance Review Today

"Diamond In the Rough is an enchanting story that uses the theme of Valentine's Day and all it represents to bring together two souls who are hurting and aching for love. Brian and Claire are great characters who will definitely touch your heart with the things they have suffered through. Their tale of love is the perfect example of how affection can grow between anyone, that all it takes is a little tender loving care. The subplot featuring Larry and Rosebud is sure to bring a smile to your face as they attempt to make Claire and Brian fall in love. All in all, this was a great way to end an excellent anthology..."
Sarah, The Romance Studio

"Ruby Storm's Diamond in the Rough is an excellent story of love overcoming all. Claire and Brian are each hindered by things they think will prevent them from finding the love they want. As the two struggle to develop a relationship they are afraid to trust their feelings..."
Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews


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