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    "...Cracked: Prelude to Passion deserves a Gold Star because not only is it beautifully written but every element woven into the story will surprise you, captivate you, and touch your heart. I recommend it to everyone..." ~ Ellen

  • Nightly, the beautiful silver-eyed woman haunts Quinn Morgan. Whenever she appears in his dreams, he fantasizes every detail of making passionate love with her, his mind swirling with the sweet bouquet of her perfume, the velvet touch of her skin. The sensual perfection of this figment of his imagination has touched his heart.

    Calli Lemont suffers Raine's gentle hands as they caress her in perfect promise. Madness. After all, he's dead. But each time she strokes her piano's ivory keys he appears to her, easing the chilling vulnerability she's felt since his passing. Life without him has left her empty and lonely.

    Past secrets begin to collide, drawing Quinn and Calli together. She has found the one man she can't resist. And, miraculously, he's found his dream woman.

    But providence can be deadly. They soon find themselves plunged deeply into the underworld of a Colombian drug cartel. As they struggle to survive and set right the past, Quinn's and Calli's bond strengthens, but love and commitment might not be enough to put to rest the evil that surrounds them.



Quinn's gaze coasted across her high cheekbones, down to her swan-like neck, then back to the silver eyes surrounded by dark lashes. He'd meant every word. Calli was exotic, almost reminding him of a delicate hothouse blossom. Crazy. The similarity struck a chord within him. For the many times he'd held her within his dreams, he'd never compared her to a flower.

"Calli?" His mind raced. What would she say if he told her that now? He wanted that knowledge out in the open. He wanted to understand why she'd haunted him for so long when they'd only recently met. "I need to tell you something. What I'm going to say will most likely sound preposterous, but just hear me out."

A soft smile touched her mouth. "After the last few days, I don't think much would surprise me now."

Quinn hoped that fact remained true. "The first time I knocked on your door, you can't imagine my surprise when it opened and you were standing there."

"I was the one surprised, Quinn. I remember waking up on the couch to see you wavering above me. I can't imagine what you thought when I kissed you. I thought you were Raine
a living, breathing Raine. As impossible as it was." The rest of what she was about to say withered away to nothing.

"Promise me you won't bolt from the room when I tell you why I was shocked."

Her smile cooled slightly, but she continued to hold his hand. "You're giving me goose bumps, Quinn. All right. I promise to stay on my chair."

Quinn took a deep breath. "I was surprised because I had seen you before. In fact, many times."

Calli leaned forward. Her grin widened expectantly. "Really? Where? In a store? At a performance?" She squeezed his fingers, still enjoying the easy reassurance of his touch. "That's so cool. I wish I had seen you because I know I wouldn't have let you get away without telling me who you were. I honestly would have thought you were Raine."

His head wagged slowly. "No, not in a store or at a performance. Please don't think I'm crazy when I say this. For the last six months, I've dreamt about you. Suddenly the other day, you were standing there in flesh and blood, and I couldn't believe my eyes."

Her hand went limp in his grasp. Her smile was gone in an instant. She stared across the table. "I-I don't understand."

"I don't either. When you fainted, I brought you inside and knew that I'd find that little freckle above your lip. When I smoothed the hair from your cheek, I knew how silky your skin would feel beneath my fingers. Why? Because I was already intimately familiar with its texture."

Calli yanked her hand away and tucked it in her lap, wishing heartily for the serene mood of a moment earlier.

Quinn held his breath as he waited for her to say something. Her troubled eyes suddenly glittered with distrust.

She shot off her chair and rounded the opposite side of the table. "I don't know what kind of trick you're playing, but you can leave right now," she tossed over her shoulder.

Quinn was beside her in three bounds. Gently, but firmly, he halted her flight out of the kitchen. "Calli, please. Just listen to what I have to say. It's true. I don't blame you for not believing it. The whole notion is completely ridiculous. But I'm telling you the truth." His fingers tightened around her arm when she tried to jerk it from his grasp. "Please. Just let me explain."

She finally turned to face him, her arm still in his clutches.

His eyes pleaded silently.

"Is this some cruel joke?" God, she should shove him aside, but all she wanted to do was hold him so the lazy grin would return to his lips.

"It's not a joke, Calli." He reached out, slipped his hand into the dark mass of hair at her shoulder and let the strands glide over his fingers. "I knew that day what this would feel like, because I'd experienced it already."

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"Cracked: Prelude to Passion is a wonderfully written story. It is one of those, edge of your seat type suspense books. Readers will enjoy how Ruby Storm linked or connected everything within the story. The twists are truly surprising and unexpected. Character Calli Lemont's meeting with Quinn Morgan is nothing but pure destiny. I was truly impressed with what I read and I know readers will be too. But you've got to buy this book and get ready for the suspenseful ride of your life."

Chantay, Euro Reviews

5 Angels!
"Cracked: Prelude to Passion, is an outstanding book filled with characters that are lifelike and enjoyable. The passion and romance starts from the very beginning and doesn't let up until the last page. The danger and suspense keeps you guessing, and it all adds up to a magnificent story that will keep you turning the pages! I thought the passion between Quinn and Calli was exceptional and highly erotic; you could feel the chemistry between them sizzling thru the air. Ms. Storm has created an exciting tale that has it all and shouldn't be missed!"

Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Ruby Storm does stupendous work with this most recent book! CRACKED: Prelude to Passion brings together the best of ghosts, betrayals, destiny and true love. CRACKED: Prelude to Passion is going on my keeper shelf! Between the earthy, unrestrained sex, the harrowing suspense and the absolute irony of fate, I could not stop reading until I was finished. Ruby Storm has done such a wonderful job with this book, keeping everything in perfect balance. This isn't just a wonderful addition to your bookshelf, it's a necessary one!"

LindseyAnn Denson, eCataRomance Reviews

"A lustful and suspenseful story, Cracked: Prelude to Passion proves to be a superb, engrossing story. Ms. Storm begins the story with a juicy sexual encounter that quickly caused me to go into an immediate state of arousal and I maintained that wonderful feeling throughout the book. This story had me feeling as if I was on a roller coaster ride filled with many twists and turns. One minute I was experiencing a sexual rush with Calli and Quinn and in the very next, Ms. Storm threw in a suspenseful teaser that continuous kept me on the edge of my seat. Trying to overcome her gloominess, Calli depends on her love of music to see her through her heartache believing she could never love again. While Quinn was a strong, self-sufficient character dedicated to his profession as a cop. The dynamic portrayed between Calli and Quinn was very realistic, enjoyable and extremely passionate. So if you are looking for a romantic suspense that will quickly set your blood on fire with desire, grab yourself a copy of Cracked: Prelude to Passion and start reading. This book is a definite keeper!"

Contessa, Romance Studio Reviews

"CRACKED: PRELUDE TO PASSION is one hot ride of sexual passion and intrigue. Quinn and Cali are sent on the quest of a lifetime as they face the dangerous web of deceit that her dead husband left with his death. Ruby Storm keeps her readers guessing with each shocking twist and turn to the unexpected conclusion of this story."

Briana Burress, Romance Junkies

"Cracked has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, engaging the reader in a story that delves into the seamy underbelly of drug addiction. Ms. Storm creates erotic scenes which linger in one's mind, moving from the ethereal to the deeply sexual and back."

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

"Ms. Storm's exquisite prose keeps the reader in her thrall as they turn the pages of Cracked: Prelude of Passion. This reviewer was amazed at the way this author can draw the reader in and captivate them from the first page Cracked: Prelude of Passion is a true keeper for anyone who enjoys a romantic suspense with just enough spice to keep it sensual!"

Dawn, Loves Romances Reviews

"Cracked: Prelude to Passion deserves a Gold Star Award because not only is it beautifully written but every element woven into the story: the characters, the plot, the pace, etc. is simply outstanding. It will surprise you, captivate you, and touch your heart. I recommend it to everyone..."

Ellen Bunch, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


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