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So glad you stopped by! If you're here, that means you share my love of great romance. If asked, I couldn't really say what my favorite genre is. One moment it may be historical romance and the next? I might find myself lost in an erotic futuristic fantasy world.

Hence my dilemma when I sit in front of my computer. I guess like most authors, I simply follow my muse and let it lead me where it may. I've published a variety of genres: historical, suspense, contemporary, futuristic, time-travel, and fantasy. Whether you like sweet or erotic romance, I hope you get a chance to enjoy the adventures I have created for my heroes and heroines! Please feel free to browse to your heart's content. Each of my books have their own page that includes a blurb, an excerpt, review quotes and awards I have won. You'll find the pages easy to navigate. All my titles are available in ebook format.  For those that are also released in print, the different formats have been noted for your convenience.

I recently joined the ranks of authors who are self-published! I'm proud to announce my contemporary erotic romance, SUNDAY LOVE, is on sale now! Just click on the cover and read more.

So sit back and enjoy the "Storm" and come back often!
















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